Past Events

Great Steps for NF

Join a Great Steps for NF Walk now in many locations or online and from your mind as a “fantasy” walk. Every walk is less than 3 miles (except for the Fantasy Walk). These spirited walks usually include food, music, raffle and more! Bring family and friends to raise awareness and funds for the neurofibromatosis cause! You’re guaranteed to have a good time!

In 2011 we had over 80 teams and raised over $150,000. This year you can help us reach our goal of 100 teams and $200,000. Imagine how many people we can reach and how much we can raise for CARE and a CURE!

Sign up early and create a team to start raising funds and awareness. Well help you every STEP of the way!

The Locations and dates for these walk area as follows:

Fort Wayne, IN Sept 8, 2012

Fantasy Walk – Ends Sept 30, 2012

Step One – Register

Register as soon as possible for the walk that you want to participate in so that you can start raising funds and building a team. Be sure to have each person register and sign the waiver. If requested, once your registration is received, an information packet will be sent.

Registration fees are $20 per person; $12 for children 4-10 yrs old. Registration fees are waived for each person that raises over $100. Last minute registration on the day of the walk is $25 per person.

Sign up at or call us at (630) 945-3562.

Step Two – Form a Team

Walk as an individual or gather up your friends, co-workers and/or neighbors and form a team. After you form a team, create a name and elect a captain who will be responsible for exchanging information with team members. Have some fun and create a theme for your team. A prize will be given for the best accessories.

Step Three – Raise Funds

NF Midwest will assign you with a team number and there are many easy ways to raise funds. Remember, raising funds also raises awareness.