Neurofibromatosis (NF) affects three times as many people as cystic fibrosis and muscular dystrophy combined. Yet, most people have never heard of NF. We need to change that! The Beauty Mark Nation is rising up and joining forces to make a difference because – NF patients do matter and have stayed in the shadows for too long.

One of the first signs of neurofibromatosis (type1) on a baby are café au lait birthmarks. They are harmless and often just called ‘beauty marks”, but in reality they are the hallmark of a genetic condition that can be debilitating, disfiguring and deadly.

Just as those who know and love cancer patients will shave their own heads in solidarity and support of their loved ones in treatment, those who know and love NF patients will show their solidarity and support by donning beauty marks—temporary tattoos, face paint, body paint, “war paint”

The Beauty Mark Nation will be at NF walks, golf tournaments, bike rides and even at fine dining events! They will command public attention, challenge public perception and create a high degree of visibility for the NF cause. This bold commitment will ultimately bring us closer to the cure for NF!

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